Misha + Eugene

We are so humbled to have this incredible opportunity to bring our professional skills as therapists, and our personal philosophies of love, peace, and mindfulness together to create MBODI. This space is a reflection of the path we walk everyday back to ourselves so we can be healthy, loving, peaceful parents to our children, members of our family and community, and of course, stronger in our marriage. We both have struggled with anxiety in the face of starting a family and business, and are committed to the practices we share with our community as ways to unwind, destress, and find a sense of ‘ok-ness’ amidst the chaos life can bring. We want you to know you are not alone, and have created a space where you can begin to discover yourself and a community of people on this same crazy ride called life.


Our Intention


anchor your mind
in the present


liberate your


understand the healing
power of rest

Be. large transparent.png

give yourself permission
to stop doing…


You’re Invited.

We encourage you to consider arriving early before any service you book, or plan to stay for a bit after. Grab a cup of our weekly tea and journal, meditate, color, read, chat… BE. We’ve created an environment that encourages exploring your mind, body, and spirit. Set an intention and practice the art of self-care.

you have everything
you need for this moment,

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What is the difference between massage & bodywork?

MASSAGE is the application of the manual techniques of touch and strokes to the body’s soft tissue for the receiver’s relaxation and wellbeing. BODYWORK applies therapeutic touch techniques within a safe environment supporting the aim of restoring health and balance to the entire person by working through the body.

What is mindful bodiwork™?

Mindful Bodiwork ™ is the MBODI approach to bodywork, combining the goal of restoring health and balance to the entire person by working through the body with the concepts of mindfulness: a mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique. Simply, Mindful Bodiwork™ intentionally combines the practice of mindfulness with therapeutic bodywork with the aim of restoring balance synergy in the mind and body.

How does Mindful Bodiwork™ help my body & mind cope with stress?

By introducing the concepts of mindfulness to bodywork, we are acknowledging the important role the body has in relation to our state of mind. When my body is stressed, it will likely produce a physical environment that tells our mind that we are in a state of stress. This we know and have accepted for a long time. What we also know, but may as a culture be less familiar with, is that this phenomenon of body-mind communication occurs in the opposite direction, from mind-to-body. When our mind is stressed, our body will feel that stress. Read More →

What is your official stance on therapist &/or client sexual misconduct?

We pride ourselves on being providers for safe, therapeutic touch and as such, have a zero tolerance policy for therapist/client sexual misconduct. For therapists, immediate suspension until an investigation into any claims will be conducted by a verified, non-bias third party is completed. The disciplinary action for verified claims of sexual misconduct against any therapist is immediate termination of employment and/or contract. For clients: sexual advances of any kind are unwelcome and unwarranted in the therapeutic environment we are upholding at MBODI. If a therapist feels threatened or uncomfortable with the nature of conversation or requests by the client, they reserve the right to stop any session at any point, and full payment will be required for the service. Please respect our integrity, education, and right to a safe work environment by refraining from sexual advances. Therapeutic touch is provided in one direction, from therapist to client only. Please do not touch the therapist providing your bodywork.

Do I have to get completely undressed to receive bodywork?

NO, your therapist will direct you to undress to your level of comfort, which means to remove the clothes you will feel comfortable without. For the sake of direct communication, most clients are also curious about whether or not it is acceptable to get completely undressed. YES! We are practitioners of safe, therapeutic touch, which means you will be appropriately draped in a way that covers all areas of the body we are not actively working on in a series of strokes. Your modesty, safety, and comfort are top priorities, as well as your understanding of and consent to the areas we will be working on during each and every session.

Should I use the sauna before or after my bodywork session?

There are benefits to both… Do you tend to rush into your massage? Usually running a bit behind schedule? Will you be receiving deep tissue bodywork? If you answered yes to any of these questions, using the sauna BEFORE your bodywork service can help you unplug mentally from the hustle, and begin to unwind tension in the body by warming and increasing circulation to your soft tissues, making it easier to receive deep bodywork.

Can I shower at mbodi after my sauna session?

We do NOT have showers on site, and showering right after sauna can drop your core temperature. It’s the elevated core temperature that increases your body’s resiliency to stress, so we advise that you use our complimentary Citrus Cleanse Post-Sauna Cleansing Spray with a chilled essential oil towel to wipe down.

what is the difference between services, classes, & workshops?

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Does MBODI offer packages or memberships?

We offer package pricing when purchasing 10 or more yoga classes. 10 classes = 10% discount. 20+ classes = 15% discount.

Pre-pay for a 4-week meditation course and receive a 10% discount off the drop-in tuition rate.

Memberships are coming late Fall 2019.

Do you recommend the services at mbodi for anxiety management?

While we feel confident that the services we provide are excellent approaches to managing stress and anxiety, we are also trained therapeutically in approaches to well being that primarily focus on the physical body. Please continue to see (or seek out) a licensed talk therapist, counselor, or psychologist if you are considering holistic approaches to anxiety management such as massage therapy, yoga, and meditation in conjunction with or in place of traditional, western modalities and pharmaceuticals. It is never safe to quit taking prescribed medication without an extensive dialogue and planning by your medical practitioner and/or psychologist. We do not condone “quitting meds” without direct supervision by someone qualified to see you through the process mindfully and safely. That said, we love helping people discover how practicing embodiment through bodywork, yoga, and meditation can shift their experience of stress and anxiety.

can i work out after receiving massage & bodywork?

Yes! But do you really want to? Remember the value in rest and consider giving your body space to integrate the changes that may occur within a bodywork session.

What is Happy Hour?

One exciting part of our membership perks is access to our daily happy hour: complimentary tea + self-guided self-care practices in our second level Yoga classroom. Grab a book, a journaling prompt, or a coloring book, and of course, a cup of tea, and make your way upstairs to sit and be with yourself. Transition mindfully between work and home life, meditate, write, create… Care for yourself the way you do for others. Happy Hour runs Monday-Friday 4:00p-5:30p

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