infrared Sauna

20 minutes

  • single session - $25

45 minutes

  • single session - $45



Physical tHERAPY

  • eVALUATION - $125

  • tREATMENT - $100

  • mINI-tREATMENT - $60

  • Cupping - $40

  • kinesio/corrective taping - $40

  • dry-needling (after evaluation only) - $50


Frequently asked questions

  • When should I arrive?

    • 10 minutes prior to your session is great. This gives you some time to check those last texts and emails, and then integrate into the space so you can truly unwind and start to focus on what your needs are for the day.

  • Where are you located?

    • We are located at 121 S Sherrin Ave. There is a key pad entry for clients with appointments, so make sure you check your confirmation email for the current access code. If you can’t find it, text us @ (502) 310-2774 so we can help you. We hope to be staffed fully soon, which will eliminate the need for an secured entrance in the future.

  • What should I wear?

    • This depends on the modality of bodiwork you will be receiving. Breathable fabrics that allow for full range of motion are necessary if you will be receiving Vedic Thai Yoga Massage. All other modalities require no special clothing as you will be disrobing to get on the table.

  • Is it Deep Tissue Bodiwork painful?

    • Sometimes... We strive to make your experience as relaxing and comfortable as possible while addressing your specific complaints. Because we pride ourselves on proper deep tissue technique, some discomfort may be experienced when we work on chronically tight or injured areas. However, it should never be excruciating and we make sure to check in with you both before and during your session about your pressure expectations. We will give you a pressure scale of 1-10 with 10 being the heaviest pressure. The pressure scale works by allowing us to ask you for a number on that scale. It gives us more feedback than the usual check-in question of "How's the pressure?" followed up by the usual response, "Fine."


      • 1: Did a fly land on me?

      • 2-3: Skin moving, lymphatic drainage, for those who would like light pressure

      • 4-5: warm up strokes and moderate pressure

      • 6-7: deep gliding pressure

      • 8: maximum pressure in specific areas of complaint (still able to breathe but feels like you could not handle anything deeper)

      • 9-10: time to speak up and request lighter pressure... you can do this by simply saying, "That's a 9" or "Lighter, please"... you won't hurt our feelings, we promise!