You Are Not Alone - A Dedication

It’s sunny outside, I can feel spring coming…

The energy of movement and growth sometimes overwhelms me. I can become hyper and neurotic as the feelings to do and create start to cycle back around. Nature seems to be reminding us, urging us to awaken, to stretch and move and get loud. This year, this spring, is a new one. This one IS different. I am moving from doing to BEING. I am at a huge beginning. I can feel it. And this time, I am choosing to share my journey while I am in it. No more pretty, metaphorical illusions to struggle. Just real struggle. And real triumph. This is my dedication to myself, and therefore, to all of the beautiful people I will ultimately have an impact on by choosing to go deeper, live deeper. I choose to journey to my own inner temple, to be still in the swelling universal power within, to fall to my knees, to surrender the burden of seeking love, and accept that love has been here for me all along. No more doing…

just be.

I would like to take a moment, and set an intention while I am here, at what feels like the base of a long, uphill climb. My intention is to walk every step with authenticity, with sure-footed dedication.


To all of my beautiful clients, past, present, and on the way.

To all of the people I have had the pleasure to walk beside during their journey to peace and balance.

To those who were not ready to take the first step to coming home to their body.

To all of those who were ready, when I was not ready to lead them.

To those I am leading, both vehemently and quietly, known and unknown to me.

To the people I have disappointed.

To those who have disappointed me.

To the people I have loved deeply and then abandoned.

To those who have abandoned me.

To all of the people working so hard to be loved, to be accepted, to be cherished.

To the mothers who have lost themselves trying to build a life that protects your most soft, vulnerable creations.

To the fathers who are trying, who are stretched thin between obedience and loyalty, between forward movement and presence.

To the tired, the weary, the backs that carry the burden of our deepest fears.

To the light and all of the darkness it illuminates.

To squinting into the sun and the breeze that dances through my hair…along the tips of my fingers.

To the soft sunrise, and the peace it can bring when we pause to witness it.

To our aching feet, and the gentle stretch of toes before we are fully awake.

To every embrace, every exhale.

To releasing the need to be important.

To knowing I am important.

To the desire to find more peace.

To knowing I have been fearing the quiet, reflective places of my soul.

To the beauty of cycles, the understanding that we will get another chance to learn, there is always more learning.

To the understanding that comes when I arrive here now.

To my ego, and its reminder that I stand in my own way.

To those who I have attempted to burden with my pain.

To my pain… it serves me. It all serves me. It reminds me that I am human. That I am meant to feel.

To my roots, they anchor my wise, old soul and give a strong foundation to the continued growth of my limbs, steady yet fluid through the storms of life.

To time, and the acceptance that it is my most precious resource, and so it must be given with care and intention.

To giving with intention.

To receiving with humility and grace.

To my beautiful body, for being a safe haven in this humbling experience of life. My body is my ally, not my enemy.

To the journey inward.

To opening up and not doing it alone.

To knowing you are not alone.

you are not alone.

I love you, I thank you.