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Recovering our concept of happiness…

I’m here today BECAUSE of that attempts of coping with reality.  There is nothing wrong with the attempt itself... that desire can be my teacher if I let it.  It can lead me to explore spaces within that are FAR MORE REWARDING than the cheap, quick attempts at happiness I endlessly pursue when I channel that desire out into the material world. My dependency and codependency have been powerful masters and mistresses.  Now I’m choosing  a more empowering relationship with my desires.  I’m choosing to be their student.  I’m choosing to watch them quietly, notice how they ebb and flow. How they pulse within me, how truly powerful they are... and they are within me... powerful awareness arrives... sometimes a trickle, sometimes a flood... a current of energy that drives me, compels me toward the truth of my being. It’s irresistible, this journey... it’s meant to be irresistible... that’s what makes the pursuit of myself so powerful.  

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Transforming Weeds to Seeds... Taking Responsibilty for Your Intentions

Be mindful of where you can transform a weed into a seed. I found this thought very freeing. Jay mentions transforming intentions and all of a sudden, I found myself sighing with relief. If I recognized that I am doing something for a reason I do NOT like, but I am not in a position to just stop doing that thing I am no longer happy about doing, I can simply shift my WHY. He gives the example of quitting our jobs to pursue our passions. Let me give you a personal example so you can have a clear picture in your mind of this concept at work:

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