What makes our physical therapy different than the run-of-the-mill, corporate health spaces that dominate the pt industry?


The landscape of health care is changing, and believe it or not, if you have a high-deductible insurance plan, you could be overpaying for lower quality therapy.

Our goal: take the time & money you’re investing in your body and give you MORE for it. You only have one body… it’s time to advocate for your well being & demand more from companies claiming to have your best interest in mind. You deserve better…period.


Saving you time & money while helping you discover healthy movement…

With high-deductible insurance plans on the rise, it is becoming more & more expensive to get therapy in a health space that is built on a foundation of corporate partnerships & profitability. Physical therapy clinics are often partnered with or owned by huge health care conglomerates that continue to focus on increasing profit by cutting costs.

  • They do this by decreasing the time therapists can spend evaluating & treating patients. Some prominent clinics currently allow 30 minutes for an initial evaluation, & 15 minutes follow-up treatments.

  • They save money by hiring assistants & rehab aids to oversee treatments. This means that they get to bill your insurance for therapy provided by people with less education, who cost these companies less money to employ.

  • These companies can also take advantage of lax regulation around seeing multiple patients at once, which in turn allows them to double, sometimes triple their profits in an hour, because their employees, highly educated therapists, are paid by the hour, not by productivity.

We believe you deserve better…

Our promise to you: high quality, personalized therapy every time you visit. You DESERVE our full attention so you can benefit from the years of education & experience we have to offer. We VALUE your time & are so grateful for the opportunity to help you heal injuries, grow stronger, move with freedom, & make peace with your body.

What you can expect from us…

  • Evaluations typically last between 60-75 minutes.

  • Follow-up treatments usually take about 45-60 minutes.

  • All physical therapy appointments are provided by a doctorate-level physical therapist with a decade of orthopedic experience in multiple different environments.

  • Access to a peaceful, holistic environment offering massage therapy, infrared sauna, yoga, & guided meditation to help you maintain the progress you achieve in your therapeutic journey, prevent future injury, & begin developing a deeper mind-body connection.

Work with a doctor, the ENTIRE time,


At MBODI, your entire PT treatment is provided by Doctor of Physical Therapy, Eugene Tsozik. Eugene has been specializing in orthopedic recovery since 2010. He prides himself on providing our clients with effective, efficient, & holistic-centered therapy. His athletic background in Brazilian jiu jitsu, certification as a level 1 crossfit trainer, & passion for returning people to balanced, functional movement makes him an ideal partner in our space.


At its’ core, physical therapy is fundamentally “holistic”, because it addresses the proper movement, balance, and function of the entire body.  Part of our desire to add PT to the services offered at MBODI was so we could return it to its’ holistic roots.  Without insurance dictating how we approach therapy, or the massive overhead of a corporate health structure, we can focus all of our time, energy, experience, & cumulative knowledge on the one thing that truly matters…


HSA? Yes, please!

Working outside the insurance model gives us an opportunity to work on your specific needs, AND ALL OF THEM… often, pain & dysfunction go beyond the problematic area.  Injuries often begin with subtle imbalances & minor weaknesses that, when left unaddressed, become something much bigger.  Let us help you correct the little things & spare you the pain, time off work/training, & massive amounts of time required to recover a major injury.  Already injured?  our hour-long, focused treatments are a much faster ticket back to healthy movement… And did we mention we take HSA?